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Mānanuka Honey

Mānanuka Honey is the best of both worlds. A naturally rich blend of Mānuka and Kānuka honeys.

Mānanuka Honey is the best of the best honeys unique only to Native Kiwi™. Gathered from bee hives around Mānuka and Kānuka trees, we give you this naturally blended, delicious, rich New Zealand multifloral honey.

Raw and pure, Native Kiwi™ honey does not undergo any treatment other than simple filtering and creaming.

Because Native Kiwi™ honey is made by bees in our native environment and has minimal processing, slight variations in flavour, colour, or consistency make up its beauty. We call this native goodness.

Every batch of Native Kiwi™ honey is independently tested. This is your certainty of safe, naturally good honey produced by Koa Honey Ltd only in New Zealand.